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Geriatrics: is the medical speciality that deal with physiology of aging and with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the aged,

Gerontology: is the study of the all aspects of the aging process, including the clinical, psychologic, economic, and sociologic problems of older alduts of these problems for older adults and society.

Sociological profile in Spain:
It´s depends sex and age; type of coexistence; economic situation and dwelling; needs by elderly.

Geriatric nursing:
-        Assessment
-        Planning
-        Application
-        Care

  ▪ Function:
1)     Welfare: help, study the situation, interpret data, issue diagnosis, assess,
2)     Social: link between aging and population.
3)     Management-administrative: use resources human and physical.
4)     Teaching: help learning.
5)     Researcher.

▪ Aim:
As nurses, we should provide integral attention in any situation.
-        individual attention (prioritize problems, adapted plan)
-        Disease prevention ( chronic treatments, end-of-live care)
-        Role
-        Respect for elderly and family

▪ Different situations of aging:
-        Elderly healthy
-        Elderly sick
-        Elderly high-risk

The elderly needs attention and understanding.
Nurse, we should be patients, and perform active listening.
We must assess the needs.

Personal reflection: 
We should take into account the situation in which this the old
Help conserve or restore the patient's health
We have to take into account individual values ​​and to develop health programs according to the required needs.

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